"This was the first time I participated with a one-on-one coach.  I found it very helpful because each week was specifically geared to my needs.  The sessions were very comprehensive.  I learned many tips and tricks to improve my eating habits, as well as new things about myself.  I would recommend one-on-one coaching because everything is specifically tailored to your needs.  Very beneficial."  ~Elaine F.


"Over the past year or so, Meghan has been guiding me through the steps it takes to a healthier diet and overall well-being. She had taken the time at the beginning to ensure I was in the right mindset for my journey before addressing diet changes. By providing me with guidelines such as protein and sugar amounts as well as mindful practices to do in my alone time, Meghan has helped me transform the way I view myself mentally and has also helped me change physically. Her focus is on you and your journey and she tailors the program to your specific needs!" ~Jessica H.