Eating Psychology Coaching: The Missing Link


When you make an appointment to see a nutritionist, what do you expect to get?  Most likely you expect to be given a diet or meal plan, education about why this diet or meal plan will help you, and answers to your nutritional questions.  Great.  For some people, this is all they need.  They begin the new diet, they feel better, they stick to the diet, and all is well.


But often it’s not so simple, is it?  The traditional nutrition approach views the diet plan as a prescription, just like a doctor would prescribe a medication.  They see a problem, figure out what is causing it, prescribe a pill, or in this case a diet, and hope it works.  Sometimes it does.


But in my years of working with people on changing their diet and health habits, I’ve come to realize that most of the time, what we tend to think of as the problem (i.e., a poor diet), is really not the problem at all.  It’s a symptom of something deeper that wants to be explored.


We see this concept in action all the time.  For instance, you’re prescribed a diet for weight loss, and all you have to do is follow this plan, and the weight will come off, supposedly.  There are several scenarios that can get in the way of this “solution” and cause you to feel like a failure because it didn’t work.  


First scenario: You get everything set up and ready to follow the diet.  You’re excited and a little nervous, but you’ve got clear guidelines to follow.  You start the diet, and for a few days, even weeks, everything goes well.  You’re a bit hungry, but you’re noticing results, so you keep going.  Then one night you find yourself in the aftermath of a battle, with empty chip bags and cookie boxes around you.  You blew it!  You binged and feel so guilty that you can’t find the strength to go back on your diet.  You blame yourself and feel worse than when you started.


Second scenario: You start the same way you did in the first scenario, and follow the diet to a T.  You have momentum, and notice results.  Then life happens.  You have to travel, or family is visiting, or work gets really busy, or you become a caretaker for someone else.  All of a sudden it’s almost impossible to stay on your diet.  You slip back into old habits and ditch the diet.


Third scenario: Just like before, you start the diet, but after weeks you don’t notice any results!  You put in all this effort and nothing happens.  You feel stuck and hopeless.  You give up and go back to your old diet because it doesn’t seem to matter what you do.  Nothing seems to work.


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?  There are countless other scenarios that don’t lead to lasting results, but all of them have something in common.  The real issue is never addressed, only the symptom.  


So what is the real issue?  The process of Eating Psychology Coaching unravels those underlying issues that are unique to each individual.  Together we explore the realms of Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology  to empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes.


If you are ready for the next level of nutrition and lifestyle solutions, book your complimentary introductory session or in-depth exploration session today!

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