ChallengeMe: The New Facebook Group on a Mission


I’m so excited to announce a new project I’m launching called ChallengeMe!  


ChallengeMe is a Facebook group community that will complete one new challenge every month starting in January 2018.  As leader of this group, I make sure all the challenges we do are proven to help improve your health, happiness and quality of life.  


I came up with the idea of ChallengeMe for a couple reasons.  First, I personally love experimenting with all aspects of health and happiness, and I find that having a structure around that really helps me stick to my goals.


Second, one of the major reasons lifestyle changes fail in the long run is because they don’t build in enough social support.  Research shows over and over that having a tight-knit support group on your side that has similar goals as you is ESSENTIAL for long term success.  


ChallengeMe provides both a structure for setting meaningful goals with fun challenges, and it is at its core a social group of awesome people all striving to achieve a similar goal.  The FUN and COMMUNITY will keep you coming back for more.


Over the coming year we will have challenges from several areas of health.  Some will be food and nutrition challenges, some will be fitness-oriented, some are designed to increase your happiness, and others will improve your sense of connection with others.  And I promise, ANYONE can do any of these challenges.  


This group is NOT for people who hate change and trying new things.  It’s not for people who are not interested in growing as a person.  It’s not for people unwilling to get outside their comfort zone.  It’s not for people who won’t share their success or even their failures.  The great thing about this group is that we can support each other in good times, and in “OMG I totally messed up” times.  Don’t join if you aren’t going to participate.


This group IS for people who want to improve their health, happiness and wellbeing.  It is for people who want to learn lasting lifestyle habits, or for people who just love the thrill of a new challenge.  It is for people who want to support each other along their journey.  And of course, it’s for FUN and AWESOME people.


This group is currently FREE, and you get members-only access to tools and handouts designed to keep you on track, plus I will teach you how to set goals specific to YOUR life.  


The first challenge starts January 1, 2018, but I will be announcing the challenge and steps to take at the end of December.  So don’t wait for January to join!  Request to join here.


Just imagine reaching your goals month after month, the excitement of new challenges, and the support of a community whom you are also helping by sharing your experiences.  Don’t put off making a change any longer.  Join us for a year of fun and transformation!


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