A Letter to My Body


I want to say I hear you.  You’ve been sending me strong signals since I turned 30 that things are changing.  When I treat you like I did in my teens and twenties – eating well beyond the point of fullness because it tastes so good or I’m bored, staying up late and drinking more than a few glasses of wine, a shot here and there, not worrying much about eating too much processed food because I could push you almost everyday to work it off – when I try doing that now, you push right back.  

For the past couple years I’ve been receiving your signals loud and clear.  But I haven’t been great about acting on them. Part of me has been in denial that I can’t keep eating and pushing the same way I always did.  But the truth is, you’ve been on this planet 32 years now, and you’ve learned.

A lot of people think of aging as a breakdown of the body, but I see it as a fine-tuning.  You’re smart enough now to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ve learned to be efficient, doing more with less.  You don’t want to waste your energy burning through food you simply have no use for. You don’t want to waste precious resources constantly repairing damaged muscle tissue from daily hard workouts.  

Just as our minds learn and mature mentally and emotionally you, body, have learned and matured physically.  Just like I’ve learned I don’t have use for people who don’t nourish and support me, just like I’ve learned to set boundaries in my life, just like I’m learning when to say “no” and when to say “yes” you, body, are in the same learning process.  You’re much clearer about what and how much food nourishes you and feels good, and you can draw the line by putting me in discomfort when something isn’t working, when something is too much or not enough.

So instead of looking at the early 30s as a body’s physical peak and going downhill from there (as I learned in school), I choose to see you as a finally mature body, who has greater discernment than a teenager, and picks and chooses what it wants very intelligently.

My promise to you, body, is to be better at acting on your signals and requests.  I won’t be perfect, and I know you’ll be forgiving when I stray from your wisdom here and there.  But I know we can be great partners. And when we are listening to each other with respect, we can achieve great things in this world.

Thank you.

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